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8 Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Gmail App Experience

Just because you know the basics of a program does not equate that you have mastered it, the same applies to your experience of the Gmail application. Who does not use the Gmail app these days? Even the so-called ‘boomer generation’ or the elderly class has been made accustomed to it. Wouldn’t it be better then if you knew how to know to use it even more conveniently?

There are a lot of things even on the app version, which does take up your time more than necessary, leaving you just more frustrated than you first started. For instance, how your inbox takes minutes to load, or how mailing images attached in the mail takes only so much time and patience? Well, here are a few tips to make this trouble-free.

Make proper use of its settings

Some people do prefer to keep their inbox very neat and free of redundant and unnecessary emails. One feature that allows you to do such a thing promptly is the feature of the archive. Whenever you open an email in your device, you can see the option of send and archive under the three dots displayed on the edge of your screen. This will help you in remaining clutter-free and arrange your email needs accordingly.

Use of ‘reminder’ feature

This feature of the Gmail app has come in very handy for its users. If you, by chance, open an email and want to be able to be reminded of it, later on, you can use this feature and set the hourly limit, after which the app on its own will display the message again in your notifications. This feature can also be used for outgoing messages, allowing you to send them at the desired time from drafts.

Use of google drive

Are you having trouble sending large files over Gmail? Simple solution: google drive. This application, when paired with Gmail, allows you to do wonders by just attaching the link to the files which are taking too much for the upload in an outgoing message.

Proper security measures

Many a time, you might be worried that an unwanted guest will stumble in on your Gmail account and intrude through your privacy. You may aid this worry of yours through a simple feature of the app, the two-step verification. Under this, the new log-ins will have to be approved from your smartphones, thus providing you extra security.

Make use of the calendar

If used with finesse, the Gmail application can even assist you in keeping a record of your upcoming appointments, meetings, and deadlines with its calendar attached to it. The feature of google calendar helps you be punctual without ever missing an important event.

Undo faulty emails

Sent an incomplete or a wrong email? No sweat, this new update has got you covered. This feature, ‘undo send,’ enables its user to now undo an already sent message within a period of 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Hence, it provides you with a chance to re-do or altogether delete the conversations and its remnants.

Customize your display

Your Gmail can customize your emails under various categories, primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. This allows you to sort through them by relevance automatically and does not even create a commotion. However, this feature is updated only to affect the inbox, not the archived emails. The primary inbox will only contain your priority messages, the ones you starred, or marked as urgent.

Use of smart replies

One of the most appreciative features of the Gmail app is now smart replies. This detail constructs appropriate short responses to the emails you receive. Similarly, the smart compose attribute suggests words or phrases that might come in useful when writing an email. Nonetheless, you can also turn off these suggestions.

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