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Best Free Video Editing Software To Install Today

You might be an influencer or an entrepreneur. In today’s world, content is king. The content given in a video is easy to understand and process. Notably, there are a lot of myths associated with video editing that only professionals can do it. But, you can handle this task yourself if you choose the right software to do the same. There are many tools there to edit videos. In this article, we will discuss the best free video editing software.


Lightworks is one of the most powerful editors and loaded with exciting features. Some of the features include Multicam support, ability to export to YouTube. It also has 720p quality with high precision video trimming. Also, it supports a wide variety of resolutions. Lightworks has also made available many tutorials to help ease your editing journey.


Shotcut is an open-source program, and anyone can access it. There is no premium version, and you get all the features for free after you download it. Shotcut has refined features even if the interface is not so interactive. This is because the program’s design is for Linux. Shotcut supports 4K HD resolution and also has an option to timeline edit. There is also no hassle of importing your videos into the software. Shotcut one of the best free video editing software.


Avidemux is often called the best editor for beginners and newbies.  Its interface is quite simple. This tool performs basic tasks like encoding, filtering, and simple cutting with ease. The amateurs recommend Avidemux for someone starting their video editing journey.


InVideo is a very stylish editor inbuilt with tools. It can assist professional editors like agencies, influencers, publishers, and marketers too. This program has outstanding UX, customer service, and exceptional features. Moreover, there are continuous updates in the software with the best quality video templates. Some notable features are brand/text overlay, split/merge, video stabilization, audio tools. Thus, InVideo is a go-to too for editors who need to perform heavy editing.

Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete is an elementary editor and has a reputation for quick editing. The program only supports AVI and WMV files in the free version. It does not have any technical jargon and is easy to use. Thus, beginners should use this tool when making their first video edits since its tools are very basic and easy to understand.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake is a top-rated program for modifying and converting videos. It has features that can extract audio from video clips and also embed videos on websites. It is useful if you have to make a particular video playable on your phone if your phone doesn’t support the format. There are over five-hundred video formats available on the software. Its features are converting movies with subtitles. It can also cut, join, and rotate clips, and support 4K resolution. You need not be a specialist to get the hang of this tool.


VideoPad is a multimedia tool designed with keeping beginners in mind. The video compositions are easy to use. Some professionals may find it childish or basic for their heavy editing needs. VideoPad contains 3D video editing, sound effects library, reducing camera shakes. Features are exporting movies in many resolutions, and a library of pre-made transitions.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a Windows-exclusive video editor. Users recommend this program for editors who have requirements for powerful editing. It is very straightforward with features like color correction and audio editing. It is a free video editing software. In the premium version, you get features like image stabilization and visual waveform.

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