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Best Websites To Do Internet Speed Test Within Seconds

The growing technological advancements categorize the internet as a need and not a luxury. Today shopping, submission of school work, or attending office meetings have all shifted online. What use is the internet, which makes it impossible to download a file or see a video without buffering? Most websites work fine with average internet speed. But there exists a host of other apps and websites which require a reliable internet connection. Operators today offer a variety of plans differing majorly on the ground of internet speed. But are you sure that you are provided as promised? No. Therefore, it is advisable to do an internet speed test from time to time. Realizing the growing needs, many national and international organizations have developed websites to check the internet speed of your device.


Speedtest by Ookla is among the most popular platforms to verify the speed of your internet connection. At present, Ookla operates over 8000 servers to provide the best experience to users. What makes it even more special is the variety of test options available.

A Person can manually select among upload/download speed, latency, IP address, etc. The website supports Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, VPN, and CLI. The only minor inconvenience arises because of the number of advertisements that slow download the speed of the website.

Google Stadia

Google, in partnership with Measurement Lab, provides Google Stadia speed test. This easy to use website performs an internet speed test within 30 seconds. The site works accurately across multiple geo-locations.

The website primarily caters to the needs of gamers allowing them to check whether their internet speed is enough for Google’s stadia games. The significant fallout lies in the fact that the website limits customization options available for users.


Fast.com is another popular website developed by Netflix. This website supports Android, Web, and iOS platforms. Recent modifications by Netflix make the website competent in checking both upload and download latency. Moreover, allowing the user to modify time duration as well as the number of parallel connections for the internet speed test. With over 25+ languages, fast accommodate individuals from different regions and nationalities. But the website doesn’t allow users to choose the server


“Speedof” provides one of the most thorough internet speed tests. It combines download speed, VPN, IP address, upload speed, and latency to provide a comprehensive summary. There are no additional pop-ups to spoil your experience. The website also keeps a history of speed tests you conduct, making it easier for any person to keep a tab.

The major fallouts are the inability to choose your server and less server coverage. Server coverage makes it impossible to determine correct internet speed results if the distance from the server is greater.

Verizon Speed Test

Verizon is a US-based telecommunication organization that has developed the Verizon speed test. As a majority of the internet speed test websites offer a comprehensive detail on your internet connection, Verizon also provides just the right information about upload speed, test server location, IP address, ping, and download speed of your broadband connection.

The website is among the simplest ones to operate but offers no customization option to its users. However, if you don’t live in the USA, you won’t get the best results from using this website.


Xfinity by Comcast is another free online internet speed test tool. It has one of the most engaging user interfaces. Xfinity, like any other website, provides figures of download speed, ping, VPN, upload speed, and IP address.

Besides, the website also incorporates tips and tricks to enhance the online streaming experience. However, the site functions effectively in the US region only.

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