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Crucial Ways In Which Google My Business Can Aid Your Startup

Startups face a lot of problems in the early phases. One of which is getting an online identity. Becoming popular in your locality using the internet can help you and your startup tremendously. However, Google My Business can help you as a startup in multiple aspects.

With the help of Google My Business, your business becomes visible on Google Maps, in local search results along with other helpful features. So, if you are a startup, here are 6 crucial ways in which Google My Business can aid you.

Gives online credibility

Google My Business provides you a platform online where one can display their business with ease and credibly. It gives you the option to upload your business’s logo, description, contact information, opening hours, website link, photos, etc.

Any business that fills all these information will appear more credible to potential customers. Your Google My Business profile becomes visible in local search results and provides customers all the information they need to determine whether they need your services or not. Hence, having a complete and detailed profile can make your startup more credible online.

Become visible in local search results

People use the internet for all their needs, especially to look for stores, services, and businesses nearby. Here is where Google My Business puts your business on the map and in the local search results.

Google displays location-based searches on the right-hand side of the search page as a Knowledge Panel. By clicking on these, customers can get a full description of your business. According to Google, a complete My Business profile is 29% more likely to attract buyers.

Attract more customers

For startups, it is a challenge to attract customers. However, Google My Business can help them immensely. My Business account provides you many features and functionalities to make your business more appealing to customers online. With its help you can do the following:

  • Post photos related to your business
  • Announce information by sharing posts
  • Answers customer queries
  • Interact with customers with your My Business account

So, utilizing these features can help startups not only to find new customers but also to help them improve their online reputation.

Make your local ads more insightful

Getting a complete My Business profile also provides you insights. Google helps new developing businesses by offering insights on local customers and their response to your profile. Subsequently, the insight tab presents crucial information to improve your business, which includes:

  • The number of visits on your Business profile
  • Buttons clicked by customers
  • Viewed photos
  • The geographical location of searches

These insights are free of cost to help you and your business with digital marketing and Google Ads campaigns. Also, insights can prove to be extremely useful for developing your startup with all its provided data and information.

Get reviews and suggestions

Today customers have the option to rate, review, and share information about their experience. Google My Business asks customers to share their reviews and makes such ratings public.

If your startup gets good customer reviews, it becomes more visible. These reviews can make or break any business. Moreover, these reviews also tell you what your customers need and expect.

Easy to use and manage

Google My Business is easy to manage and simple to use. You can get verified using mail, phone, email, and even in bulk. You only need to sign up using the website to give your business information and verify yourself. Also, accessing these features is extremely easy through the website.

You can upload photos, update your information and listings, interact with your customers, and check out all the insights. More so, Google AdWords can be linked with Google My Business easily to improve your digital marketing.

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