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Essential Things Every Tech Lover Should Have On The Computer Desk

A computer desk is not a table where one can only keep their monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, and speakers or just their laptop. If you are a tech lover, you must customize your desk by adding various gadgets and essentials. These accessories can enhance your working experience and make it more personalized.

Moreover, they increase your productivity by providing you a competitive edge. To help you select from the best, here are essential things every tech lover should have on the computer desk.

Computer glasses

Woking on your PC for hours can strain your eyes. There are glasses made especially to block the harmful blue lights emitted from the computer screen. Having these glasses while using a PC can help you and your vision a lot.

Reusable water bottle

People often forget to drink water while they sit for hours in front of their computers. Staying hydrated is necessary, and it can prevent headaches, dizziness, and dullness. So always keep a reusable water bottle on your desk and stay hydrated.


Tech lovers mostly do not like to write things on paper, especially when there are mobile applications for the same. However, having a notebook/diary can help you jot down numbers, notes, ideas, and lists. All this without getting distracted by your phone.

Mini Vacuum cleaner/cleaning kit

Electronic devices, primarily PC, attract a lot of dust. If you clean your computer desk frequently, it will look more elegant and tidy. Keeping a cleaning kit or mini vacuum cleaner will make cleaning easy and quick.

Extension Cord

If you are facing the issue of having fewer power outlets than needed, consider buying an extension cord. It will help you massively, and even if enough outlets are available, having an extra option will not hurt, especially if you need to charge a spare phone or some other device.

Laptop/monitor stand

Having a stand for your laptop or monitor can help you to improve your posture. They help the screen to meet your eye so that you do not have to bend. Moreover, a lot of stands have built-in storage and organization compartments for you to keep your phone, stationery, and other accessories.

Cable/cord organizer

A problem that every tech lover faces nowadays is that there are too many wires and cables on the table. It becomes a nightmare to sort through these tangled wires, and sometimes it damages the wires. All of that can become very simple and organized with a cable/cord organizer.

Cooling pad

Laptops often heat up and start to malfunction, especially high-end gaming laptops. So getting a cooling pad can solve this issue. A bonus for gamers is that these come in various shapes and sizes to fit your taste. Some cooling pads are adjustable to meet your eye level as well.

USB hubs

With a lot of USB cables and only a few USB ports in your PC can be problematic. Getting a USB hub can remove this problem altogether. You can add multiple devices and even charge your phone with ease.

External hard disk

In-built storage space in a lot of computers is often not enough; pen drives and flash drives are not a better solution. Having an external hard disk can remove all your storage issues. You can store all your work files, personal files, movies, tv shows, games, etc.

Wireless devices

Upgrading your computer desk also means upgrading your PC. If you are not using wireless devices, then consider upgrading them. Get wireless speakers, mouse, keyboard, webcam, headphones, etc. It will not only reduce the clutter caused by wires but also make your desk look more aesthetic.

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