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Here’s How New Technology Is Assisting Different Industries

It’s not a surprise that the use of new technology is a part of industrial growth and success that one can’t do away with. In this digital era, starting from cognitive computing to data analysis, you can do almost anything on mobile devices.

We’re almost ready for another technological boom with robot assistants and AI going mainstream industries. Irrespective of the field of the venture, technology is at every doorstep delivering ease and efficiency to businesses. You’ll read more about technologies that are bringing success to the world.

Voice assistants

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular recently. In the coming half of the decade, almost all American households will tend to own a voice assistant. Devices like Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod will become even more user friendly with AI. The impact of voice assistants is so intense all across the globe that experts also suggest that this can be a revolution. The future of communication will likely see a transition from texting to voice.

Augmented and mixed reality

It wasn’t very long ago that augmented or mixed reality was not much popular. However, with tech tycoons investing huge fortunes in this new technology hardware, there is no coming back. Apple has tailored its latest devices with augmented reality software. Moreover, it is also likely that the company plans to replace its iPhone with AR headsets in the coming years.


It has become an extremely controversial form of currency today. However, it is still one of the most popular ways of transactions on the internet. The word Bitcoin took the world by storm a few years ago back then one coin was worth around 19000 UDS.

Now cryptocurrency is used by a few of the big-name hedge funds. Moreover, they have become popular on platforms like TrustToken and HybridBlock.

Robot assistants

A wide variety of robot assistants used on battlefields or in the production are already becoming mainstream. Companies like Boston Dynamics and Knighscope have been continuously bringing such assistants to the market. Knighscope specializes in robot assistants for security applications. The robot that has gathered the most popularity is K5. This device has four cameras that are capable of reading 300 license plates per camera per minute.

Driverless cars

Although semi-automatic cars are already a thing in this decade, self-driving technology is also swiftly gaining pace. Moreover, Uber is also leading the research for pilotless flying vehicles and is teaming up with NASA for an air traffic control system. The prototypes of this research, along with a beta program, are to be launched in the year 2020.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a relatively new and still underdeveloped computing technology. However, there is no doubt it is going to be the future of modern-day computing. The essential criterion which differentiates typical everyday computers from quantum computers is their processing speed. Your ordinary computers are becoming faster with time, but they still use binary language to exchange information.

Quantum computing is a new technology where the interchange of information is done with the help of quantum bits. Hence, quantum computers can solve all modern-day heavy processing machine-learning and data analysis problems quite quickly and easily.

Artificial intelligence and automation

With the help of artificial intelligence, many technical problems are becoming easier to solve. With the help of AI, one can cut short their production cost massively.

Companies are using artificial intelligence for automated warehouses, social media moderation, detect fraud, etc. Some companies are paying people for contributing to training machine-learning and automation models. The possibilities are limitless with the help of AI, and more and more people are joining its development.

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