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How To Improve Your Internet Speed In 6 Easy Steps

The prime requirement of today’s time is the fast internet.  Have you ever been annoyed after seeing your screen buffer while you are watching something good? Slow internet sucks, and you need to understand the ways you can improve your internet speed. Many of these methods may require technical assistance or expensive equipment. Here’s an easy way to improve your internet speed in six easy steps.

Check your data cap

The most significant cause of slow internet is the data cap. These can drastically slow down your connection. In simple words, a data cap is a permitted limit to use a specified amount of data in a month. Many connections have a data cap, and you may be facing an internet lag because you may have gone beyond it. Always ask your internet service provider if there are data caps involved in your subscribed connection. Go for a higher data cap limit in case of repetitive exhaustion.

Reset your router

After making sure that the data cap isn’t causing the internet lag, reset your router. Most companies recommend resetting a router every month. In case you have a separate modem, reset it too. This resetting causes an excellent connection to the ISP. It will give a small boost to your internet speed and also better connectivity.

Reposition your router

The next step is to reposition your router. This is to get a better connectivity zone.  If the wifi signal from the router doesn’t reach you, you will have a weak internet connection. Place the router in a central setting of your home. Ideally, it should be kept at the place you spend most of your time. A good idea would be to place it in your office or working table to have a.smooth connection without any disturbances.

Block ads and test your data speed

All the internet today shows tonnes of advertisements.  Your internet connection suffers a lot from these unnecessary ads and gifs. Block all kinds of unnecessary ads and use an adblocking plugin. These shut down extensive data loaded videos and ads from playing and give you an uninterrupted internet speed. This will give your connection and breather and save you from unnecessary data waste. You then need to run a speed test for your connection to know if you are improving or not. Keep performing several tests and find out if there are saturation periods and long connection periods. Also, knowing the spewed can help you convey the problems to your internet service provider.

Get a wifi signal booster

If you have a slow internet speed and receive less signal in certain places of your home, consider investing in a wifi signal booster. This may prevent you from spending extra on a new internet service provider and increase your wifi range and Mbps you receive. This will get your devices well connected to the internet and make downloads and streaming easier.

Use antivirus protection

Internet viruses and malware can severely slow down your internet speed. This is why it’s essential to have all kinds of antivirus software on your device. If the malware reaches your system, it will slow down your network and all other programs on your computer. An internet virus attack may severely impact your wifi connectivity. Malware can use your bandwidth allocation and cause a drastic slow down of your network. Thus always run an AntiVirus program from time to time.

It’s important to understand that it’s not possible to increase the speed beyond the connection you are paying for. But, most people don’t get what they sign up for due to various lags in the connection. These easy fixes are inexpensive and will increase the efficiency of your internet speed and give you excellent connectivity.

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