How To Take Care Of The Christmas Cactus

How To Take Care Of The Christmas Cactus. There are commercially packaged potting mixes for cactus plants on the market that are quite good, but i got used to mix my own soil. (the same care applies to thanksgiving and easter cacti.) light.

Christmas Cactus How To Grow And Care For Christmas Cactus in
Christmas Cactus How To Grow And Care For Christmas Cactus in from

Use the fresh potting mix to fill in around the. As the water evaporates, it will create a humid environment around the christmas cactus. Soil is also a very important point in caring for christmas cactus.

Switch Out The Water Every 3 To 4 Days.

If the potting mix is compacted, use a little water to gently wash it away from the roots. In the new container, replant the christmas cactus so that the top of the root ball is about 1 inch below the rim. Start with cutting segments, around three to four inches long, with three or four leaves on every side.

Keep Your Holiday Cactus Cool Between 50 To 55 Degrees Fahrenheit And Make Sure To Limit The Amount Of Light It Gets For About Six To Eight Weeks.

Six to eight weeks before christmas, place your cactus in a completely dark area (like the garage or basement, where house lights won't be on) for 12 hours each night, then carry it to a sunny spot to expose it to 10 hours of daylight. A frost will kill it, so if your cactus has spent its summer on the patio, bring it indoors in the fall. Also, keep the christmas cactus away from drafty areas and avoid sudden changes in moisture, temperature or sunlight.

Keep The Cactus Almost Dry In A Cool Ambient Temperature Of Around 17 To 20 Degrees For About Six Weeks.

It can survive, although not thrive, if the temperature dips into the 50s, but not for prolonged periods. Why, when, and how to prune a christmas cactus. As soon as the first buds appear, you can gradually give the plant more water again, keep it at normal room temperature and fertilize a little.

Place The Cutting In A Clean, Empty Glass Jar.

Even if you receive this as a new plant gift from someone who doesn’t have much plant experience, those tips above should help. In summary, christmas cactus care is relatively straightforward. Place the section in a glass of water, submerging half of a pad.

Allow 3 Weeks To See Root Growth.

They also like average moisture levels and bright sun. The cutting should look thin but not wrinkly. Remove the plant and the surrounding soil ball from its pot and gently separate the roots.

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