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iPhone Users Must Install These 8 Apps From App Store

As many years have rolled by, the number of apps available has grown exponentially. Some of these apps are excellent; some are there just for the sake of it. The App Store is heaven for iPhone users who are looking out to gain access to the best apps out there, be it for playing games, VPN, exercising, or simply another social media app. While there are a lot of exciting apps, this article lists eight of these best apps, which you must download now.


Even if, in today’s age, you do not hold a Facebook account, then you are missing out on a lot. It is the world’s largest social media platform and the most popular. For some, social media means Facebook. Facebook has evolved, and now, apart from scrolling down your news feed, you have access to a brand new marketplace, memories from the past, and a video center too.


YouTube currently holds the largest archive of videos in the world. From cat videos to how the stock exchange works, you can view almost about anything here. It is both a source of entertainment and information. You can start your channel too if you think you have content that might interest viewers. Uploading a video on the app is a relatively simple process. You can also opt for YouTube Premium, which has extra features other than its free counterpart like having no ads.


Houseparty has taken chilling to the next level. You can spend time with friends in the comfort of your home. The app offers an easy way to contact your friends by sending you an alert when any of your buddies are online so that you do not waste time calling them and waiting for their call back. Download this app from the App Store to join any ongoing call or create your own video call.


Discord is the best app out there to connect with like-minded people and be a part of a community or create your own one. It is a chat app with an audio chat option too. The app has servers that help you connect to communities that are of interest. You can join any server through a link.


Tinder has amassed a lot of popularity and singles looking for a date. It is the first name that comes up while thinking of an online dating platform. Even though many feel it rarely works, many others have found their perfect partner through this app.


Lifesum is the go-to app for people concerned about their diets. It offers you personalized diet plans and charts to help you lose weight and eat healthily. There are a variety of diets ranging from keto, vegan, and paleo. More can be unlocked from this app by buying the premium subscription.


There are many times when one is not in the mood for cooking a meal and might be too lazy to go out. In times like these, ordering from UberEats is the most viable option. You can search through the menus of various restaurants in your vicinity and order your favorite item right away. It comes as a shock to many that the App Store can solve hunger issues as well by serving UberEats.


You can get in touch with many of your favorites from the gaming world. The gamers stream their gameplay, and you can view them and even donate if you wish to support them in any way. It is very entertaining for players to watch and learn from the experts in the gaming world.

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