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Most Amazing Technologies To Look Forward To In 2020

We have successfully entered the year 2020, and it’s needless to say that the times are changing. They always have been, and they will always be. What’s unique about this continually evolving time is the advancement of existing technologies and the emergence of new technology trends. Like every other year, we have witnessed new editions of technology. Some are the level ups of the existing technology, and some are just alien to us. So, let’s have a look at new technologies in 2020, aiming to open up new avenues.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can safely be called the most promising new technology in 2020. The reason being it’s high demand in the entertainment industry. It’s needless to mention the popularity of the entertainment industry and the amount of turnover it generates. Be it the gaming community or the movie fanatics, everyone is steadily waiting for the VR mode to expand its reach.

Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when we only clapped our hands whenever we spotted a robot in a sci-fi movie. Today, we are in 2020, and artificial intelligence or AI, as we popularly know it, is no more a fragment of our imagination. It has become a reality. AI-powered technology is gradually making its space in the world market. The only demerit of AI is that it can become so powerful that it will soon be replacing humans at places of work. It is a one-time investment with endless benefits.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is not much different from artificial intelligence. It would be safer to say that ML is just one of the many applications of AI. It is the ability with the help of which machines can tutor themselves without humans having to program them. This will save humans some time and computers will learn new functions by themselves.


Blockchain has already secured the right place in the heart of modern businesses. However, the year 2020 is still going to unfold more of its merits. If anything, this technology trend only makes the process of exchanging information faster. Blockchain also ensures security, and it is very cost-effective.

Voice Technology

Voice technology has been around for a long time now. We have Alexa and Siri as our prime examples. However, they often fail to understand smarter commands. In 2020, we can expect a more refined or voice technology, which is sure to amaze us by following a more extensive range of powers.


The fifth-generation or 5G, as we all know it, has been the talk of not only the town but the whole world. Everyone has been desperately waiting for it to make it’s a grand entrance in the world of technology. 2020 is the year that has been chosen to introduce us to 5G. It will bless us with the speed of the internet that will leave our jaws dropped. The 5G looks like it will make some groundbreaking changes in the real economy and will push us towards a brighter and faster future, quite literally.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity has been a much-awaited technology for a reasonable amount of time. As we all share an insane amount of data, which is often sensitive, every day, we also wish for it’s safe and secure delivery. Cyber Security has come to serve precisely that purpose. It protects our data from cyber attacks.


Automation is being speculated to be an integral part of businesses once it is properly introduced to everyone. This new technology in 2020 simply means the natural flow of tasks, which makes it all the way more comfortable to be implemented at every step in a production or a distribution unit.

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