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Only Credit Card Safety Guide You Need To Read

Money is quite literally the most valued asset in today’s world, where there is competition all around us. If we look closely, we’ll figure out that earning more and being financially stable is the only way to live a comfortable life these days. Our wants are increasing day by day, and we are all under the pressure of maintaining an impressive social status. Every other day we are reminded that everything comes with a price tag.
The increasing prices of goods don’t wait for everyone to get a raise in their salary. However, we still need to buy those goods. Thank heavens for secured credit cards. They are such a savior, but they need some extra safety. Let’s have a look at a little safety guide you must read if you are a credit card bearer –

Get extra protection

There are a lot of networks and issuers of credit cards that would love to offer you additional protection on your credit card for minimal to zero charges. You must take advantage of them and try to make transactions via payment gateways to avoid exposing your card details everywhere. You must always remember – prevention is better than cure.

Never share your card number via email

It is quite needless to say, but your credit card is very much prone to being hacked by people with bad intentions if you share your card details via email. If you are still required to email your card details, try to encrypt the data and inform the receiver of your mail.

Always keep a check on transactions

We are officially living in a world that is being run by technology. There are both pros and cons to it. Here, the advantage is that you get access to mobile banking. This means you don’t have to visit your bank every time you need to check out your transactions. So, make good use of it and regularly check your translations. If you notice any payment on your secured credit card that you don’t remember making, report it as soon as you can.

Don’t upload your credit card pictures

We live more online than we do offline. It’s tough to stay away from social media these days. However, try not to fall prey to its malice. There are potential hackers everywhere. If you don’t want your bank account hijacked, don’t upload any pictures of your credit card.

Make sure to destroy your credit reports

Your bank will send you credit reports at regular time intervals. While it would be a very wise decision to go over the transactions, you must not throw them away as they are. It is a crucial step to shred or tear them thoroughly before you get rid of them.

Avoid using a debit card

We cannot sing enough of the raises of secured credit cards, but debit cards are more prone to being hacked. So, try and avoid using them if you already have a credit card.

Get creative with your password

The best way to make sure that no one can hit the right combination of words, digits, and symbols and take over your credit card, is by making the task impossible. You must take your time and set a complicated password that no one can ever guess. You must also keep changing your password now and then.

Ignore calls from unverified bank people

While most of us have heard and seen enough cases of burglary over calls, there are still innocent people who lose their credit card details over calls by unverified banks. These unverified people are criminals that are eyeing your money. You must avoid calls from them and report them.

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