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The Complete Process of Software Development Lifecycle Explained

The Software Development Lifecycle, or SDLC, is the process of defining and executing various stages of developing high-quality software. It has gained huge popularity for developing premium quality software in the shortest time, bearing the lowest rates. It applies a well-structured phased system to ensure that the software is ready for production use. The developer’s team also tests the software thoroughly before release.

How does the Software Development Lifecycle work?

The working of SDLC is very simple. It aims at reducing the production time and the cost of software development. It also identifies the shortcomings in existing systems and then does away with the common issues. Then, it outlines the requirements of a new system. After critical stages of planning, designing, analysis, development, examination, and deployment, the team creates a framework of the software. Later, calculations and fixes can be run to rework the redundancies.

Note that there is a considerable focus on the testing phase. To maintain the code quality after every cycle in the repetitive method of SDLC, continuous testing is done. This saves a lot of financial investment, time, and efforts from redoing things all over again.

Different stages of SDLC operation

Software Development Lifecycle involves the following stages of software development and deployment.

Identification of Problems

With inputs from industry experts, stakeholders, customers, and programmers, the developers identify all problems related to the software. They also acknowledge the issues which may arise with frequent use. They go about learning the strengths and weaknesses of the current system to build a better plan of action.


In the next stage of SDLC, the team plans the financial resources and generates a budget. They include a window of increased expenditure upon improvements and fixes. After that, they calculate the risks involved and create sub-plans to combat the threat. Simply put, they check the feasibility of the project at least expense.


This stage of SDLC begins with marking down the required software specifications. These requirements help in developing the final design plans. Stakeholders and clients review this design plan and give their inputs. It is important to incorporate the changes suggested by the stakeholders. If not, this may lead to the ultimate collapse of the project. Thus, this is the most vital stage of SDLC.


This is the crucial stage of development and software creation. Developers need to ensure that they stick to the blueprint and follow the required coding pattern, to make further processes easy.

Code Test

As the name suggests, this is a simple step to rectify the errors in coding. The team runs tests to find defects and keeps resolving them until they meet the final demand.

Software Deployment

At this stage, developers release the software in the production environment for users to get hands-on experience. Organizations choose their preference for deployment environments, such as testing or staging. This gives a window to the stakeholders to have a test run of the software and rectify the final mistakes.

Software Maintenance

Lastly, software maintenance defines how efficiently your system keeps working after repeated operations. The role of SDLC does not end after deploying the software. Teams use the same toolset and track performance to ensure premium quality across cycles of usage.

Benefits of SDLC

With Software Development Lifecycle, developers create a platform to understand the costs and resources required for a project. All parties can agree on the clear vision of the goal of the developer and how to arrive at it. Still, there are risks involved in SDLC. If the developer doesn’t understand the requirements of stakeholders, the implementation of SDLC may fail the client’s expectations.

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