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The Perfect Guide To Getting Your Business Cards Designed

The business cards today follow a magic mantra, “Do more with less.” While the mantra seems to be a simple one, but when it comes to applying it during the designing phase, things may seem to fall out of hand.

A business card does much more than just giving out important information about you and your business. It is powerful enough to provide you with incredible opportunities. Thus, one must always ensure that their cards are appealing to potential clients and customers.

Below is the perfect guide to getting your business cards designed. Hire a professional designer.

Keep it to the point

A business card is always the first thing that one gives to their potential client to introduce themselves and their business. It is the business card that sets the first impression of your company in the minds of the cardholder and helps them remember you.

One usually views business cards as an extension of the work you do or the brand you work for. Hence, it is important that the card conveys your business identity with appropriate usage of text, colors, shape, etc. The to-the-point text helps you add simplicity and value to your business card and makes it memorable. One must avoid cluttering the card with unnecessary details and stick with the vital information like name, designation, contact details, and logo.


When getting your business cards designed, one must always take into account as to what material they should add to the making of the card. When it comes to selecting the paper quality, you can literally come across an endless number of paper types and their finishes. Choosing one might prove to be tricky; therefore, one should do proper research as to what kind of Business card would complement their business identity.

Regular business cards have a paper thickness of 280 gsm- 300 gsm, which is good enough. There is a wide variety of texture and lamination options for business cards, which make them appear better and stronger. Original matte cards, extra-strong matte cards, textured paper cards, and non-tearable business cards, among several others, are some of the most popular ones.

Offset or Digital printing

Printing the business card requires a specific type of printing technique, which justifies the printing quality of the card. Below are the most popular printing techniques.

● Offset Printing

Offset printing is of a higher quality and is expensive than other types of printing techniques. This is also a faster way of printing business cards. However, the prices may vary as per the order quantity. People who require a large number of business cards, which usually ranges from anything above 200, usually prefer this technique.

● Digital Printing

Digital Printing is another common card printing technique, which is of low cost. People with tight budget constraints, or who require a lesser number of cards, which is below 200, prefer this technique. This technique is a bit time consuming, but the printing result is also good. Visually there is a negligible difference between an offset and a digitally printed car.

Honor negative spacing

The key feature of a business card is to invite potential clients to connect with you. The unnecessary information might clutter your business card, leaving a chaotic impression of your business in the minds of readers.

Negative space around the text and graphics helps in giving balance to other important elements in your business card. The blank space allows the card reader to keep their focus on your overall brand identity. Using negative space appropriately on a business card can overall add to the sophistication in the design. It ensures a proper flow of the content, giving a sheer clarity of the crucial aspects of the card.

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