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Top Social Networking Sites To Get Along With

For a very long time, the millennial population has bifurcated themselves in two categories- introverts and extroverts. People who prefer staying at home rather than partying all night and chose to conduct as less interaction as possible, consider themselves to be introverts. On the other hand, people who would decide to party over anything else and found it easy for them to chat up a stranger called themselves an extrovert. They have chosen differently in all conditions only to have united at this one platform- social media. Social networking sites are an excellent platform to meet new people, express their views, and share any news.


Facebook is the most popular as well most used amongst all social networking sites. When Facebook came into the market, there was no other platform as such. Naturally, the discovery of one such network where they can talk to any stranger on the planet astounded the people. As time passed by, Facebook went through multiple updates yet retaining its top-notch status. It introduced its messaging app Messenger, where people could converse in private as well. In one of its latest updates, it added a feature that verifies a piece of news and marks it false, in case it is.


Instagram is a social networking website. Launched in 2010, Instagram was an independent application before Facebook acquired it in 2012. People, primarily, upload photos and videos here along with a caption. Like Facebook, Instagram has also gone through loads of updates. One of their latest updates is the inclusion of stories. In the story section, you can document your daily life, share any post you like, or even write. It will stay for as long as 24 hours, and you can also save it up as highlights in your profile.


Whatsapp is the leading messaging app on today’s date. Almost anybody who owns a smartphone has this application installed on their phone. Following Instagram, Whatsapp had also involved the idea of stories. However, it is significantly different from that of Instagram and Facebook. You won’t have an account that almost anybody can gain access to. It is an online messaging app; therefore, only the people you share your mobile number with can message you through this platform. Apart from that, this application also allows you to video call or call a person.


Twitter is a micro-blogging network. It is, primarily, a podium where people share their concerns regarding any event or talk about what’s going on in their minds. The tweets can comprise no longer than 280 characters. Therefore, if you have to put up a long story, you will need to divide it into multiple tweets. However, in recent days, Twitter is the stage where the members criticize- negative or positive-any person, any activity, or even any policy. Not just the ordinary people, but celebrities and ministers also take to this networking site to share solidarity or strongly condemn any wrongdoing.


Tumblr is a social networking site where people showcase their art form- be it music, write-ups, or paintings. Sometimes, people choose to keep their identity hidden in this platform and share some incidents or events that have happened to them. Tumblr is also a micro-blogging site but somehow a little more informal than that of Twitter. However, the saddest part is, not a lot of people use or, even, know of Tumblr as a social networking site.  Tumblr offered a lot of options to explore, but sadly, with the advancement that its contemporary sites had to offer, it could not keep up to the pace.

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