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Your Perfect Guide To Using Social Network Sites Safely

Social networking today plays a crucial role in everyone’s day-to-day life. Social network websites offer something for everyone. Although it started as a way for people to connect over the internet, now it is also used for professional reasons that involve business, customer interaction, trading, etc.

However, the massive popularity of these websites on the internet also attracts people with ill intentions towards them. These people perform criminal activities like cyber-bullying, stalking, identity theft, hacking, etc. So, to keep you secure over the internet, here is a guide to use social networking sites safely.

Be careful about what you are sharing

While registering to any social networking site, you fill a lot of information like phone number, date of birth, address, location, and so on. Many of these websites display all your private information publicly on your profile. Moreover, people also often share information accidentally or unknowingly that can be used by identity thieves.   

It is always advised to everyone using social media to beware of sharing too much. It is wise to avoid sharing any information that involves card numbers, bank information, passwords. Also, make sure to control the data that the websites show on your profile.

Do not advertise your private data

One of the most common aspects of social media is sharing photos, videos, etc. These posts often involve personal information that can be used by someone else to harm you. There are also microblogging websites in which people share a lot of personal data involving their daily activities.

Stalkers and other such criminals find their victims with these websites using this information. Hence, do not overshare or broadcast data that will make your location, identity, and other such knowledge easy to find and exploit.

Go through the privacy settings

Every social network website offers privacy settings to make your profile safe and secure. Many users ignore these and, as a result, become victims of cyber-crime. Privacy settings are essential and should be managed by every social media user properly.

With the help of these settings, you can manage what data is visible on your profile, who can see your profile, who should not be able to access your information and other such settings. Therefore, make sure to optimize your privacy settings before accessing any social networking site.

Be cautious while adding people

Social media is not a contest to see who is more popular. The list of people on your friend list should be the people you know. Do not add random strangers to your profile. People performing cyber-crime create fake or duplicate profiles to lure people into a trap.

When the person is on your friend list, they can access a lot of your data. As a result, it becomes easier for them to exploit your profile.

Avoid third-party sites’ connection

A lot of third-party sites register the user with one or the other social media websites. They have the option of “sign-in with” to register you. When you allow a third-party site to access your social media account, they also get access to your password and other information.

If the third-party site is not trustworthy or has poor security, it will abuse you and your information on the internet. Hence, do not link your account with these websites.

Using and managing passwords with care

Your password is the most crucial piece of information on the internet. If someone gets your password, they can access your social network profile and all the data in it. A lot of people use the same password for multiple websites or link various accounts to one site.

Hackers and identity thieves are criminals who try to breach the account by gaining access to your password. So, make sure you use strong passwords and a different password for different sites.

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